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ShroomS GLOBAL is the best THE UNITED STATE Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary! Buy magic mushroom products in Canada such as Dried Shrooms, Shroom Candies, Microdose Shroom and much more! ShroomS GLOBAL is best place to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

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buy shrooms online at affordable prices

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SHROOMS GLOBAL offers you with the best magics mushrooms you will love with passion.

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Available products

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Available products


ShroomS GLOBAL IN THE UNITED STATES  started from 2 guys with a strong passion for Magic Mushrooms. ShroomS GLOBAL has been growing and sharing magic mushrooms with friends over the years which eventually led us to start a Canadian Online Shroom Dispensary.

Shroomsglobal offers a wide variety of Magic Mushroom Products to buy. We offer everything from Dried magic mushrooms, microdose shroom capsules, Magic Mushroom chocolates and magic mushroom gummies. Our most popular Shrooms in the united state are the Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. Hope to see you begin your next mushroom journey to Buy Magic Mushrooms in the united state!!

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Create an acount

To get started, if you are 19+ create an account here within 15 seconds.

If you need assistance with orders, Email our Epic Support Team and they will assist you monday-friday.

2. Place your order

Choose your Magic Mushrooms by visiting our Online Shroom Shop!

Pay online via Interac E-transfers or Via Cryto Currency (BTC,ETH, DOGE, MONERO, LTC)

3. Enjoy magic mushrooms

Discreet Shipping via in the united state Post Priority (1-3 business days)

Orders paid before 11am PST are Shipped Same-Day! Enjoy Your Shroom Adventure 🙂

1. Express shipping right to your doorstep (1-3 business days via Canada Post unless Canada Post has COVID delays)

2. Takes 15-30 seconds to Register an account! Register Here (19+)

2. Air-sealed packages with foil inside so shrooms stay fresh and untampered.

3. Daily email customer support from our team of experts during weekdays! Contact Us Here!

4. discreet shipping, all packages are unmarked and shipped with extra stealth measures.

5. Orders placed before 11am PST will be shipped the same day 🙂

6. We support mental health, care for our community and donate to mental health programs. We are looking to develop our own chatline very soon 🙂

That’s right! with Shrooms Global we make sure that your magic mushrooms are delivered right to your doorstep in 1-3 business days.

We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best psilocybin products in the united state. We offer everything from dried magic mushrooms, candies, chocolates, and even
mushroom tea!

We will also soon be launching our microdose shroom line which will include 200mg capsules mixed with cordyceps, lions mane & ginseng!

Shrooms global united state is the best online shroom dispensary for all of your magic mushroom needs!

1. Create a sensation of openness and helps deal with depression

2. Helps people overcome bad habits and addiction by remapping their behaviour.

3. Helps you find new appreciation in life, friends and family and reminds you over the things that truly matter in life.

4. It feels amazing and can be a visually beautiful journey.

Whether you’re going for a magic mushroom microdose experience or taking a larger dose journey, always make sure to consult with friends and make sure you are in the right headspace! DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLES UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR DO SHROOMS WITH MINORS!

Magic Mushrooms have been used for thousands of years by shamans, doctors, and people across the world and in the united state. They are fully organic and found all over earth!

These amazing fungi allow humans to increase their openness to new ideas, experiences and connect in ways they have never before. The feeling of taking magic mushrooms can be very therapeutic when done correctly and even many people who have had bad trips have reported a positive experience from it afterwards!

Micro-dosing mushrooms has also risen in popularity as it allows people to experience subtle effects of shrooms without being fully intoxicated.