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Nepalese Chitwan


Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms

  Nepalese Chitwan Psilocybe Cubensis, Nepal Chitwan (Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms) is a very rare and old strain of shrooms. Babel, a mycologist, originally uncovered this shrooms strain in the Chitwan jungle of Nepal. It grew in a shaded area amongst tall grasses. These tiny brown shrooms were discovered in what was reported as rhino or elephant dung. 

The Nepal Chitwan magic mushroom have light brown and sometimes golden brown caps; they also have thin stems, with the same width from top to bottom. When pressure is applied during harvest, it tends to get a bluish color due to bruises. 

This ancient jungle shroom has an average regular potency. It is recommended for newbies, and seasoned users can also use them. It is reported to induce deep shamanic feelings; some also report intense visuals when the eyes are closed. It also helps with the overall feeling of oneness and connection to the universe. 

After 10-30 minutes of consuming the Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushrooms, the euphoria, and excitement set in. The mild and intense visual enhancement experience depends on the level of dosage. Everything around you will become lively animate and inanimate, nature inclusive. Arts and music become different, and you tend to appreciate them better. You get to have a better connection with things around you. The usual dose for Trans Envy dose is (0.5 to 1.5gram). The enjoy a 3 to 6-hour trip; you’d need a moderate dose of around (2 to 3gram).

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