All our prices include VAT.


We do not take responsibility for delays / errors due to circumstances beyond the company’s control. These circumstances can be, for example, fire, war, government decision, reduced, customs check or no delivery from the supplier.


When you have completed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. In the confirmation you will find all information about your product, price, billing and delivery address.


Style by Juli AB does not cover custom fees that may occur in your country. 


Shipping all orders in 24-48 hours

Shipment tracking ID will be provided after your product(s) is dispatched.

We offer 2 delivery options:
Standard – which is Free world wide.
DHL Express – price calculated by your location.

With our standard shipping service we provide you tracked service till the order reaches the country of destination. After that the package is handled by your local post service. You can also track shipment on your country’s national post website for more details or contact them if you cannot find a pick up location. If your order doesn’t show any movement for a few days after it arrives in the destination country, please contact us immediately. It is very important that the shipping address provided is correct with full name and street, house number, state, postcode and local phone number. The address can not be a commercial facility, such as a work place, business office, hotel etc. Because the company name does not appear on the shipping label and with standard shipping we do not deliver to those locations. The local post service does not contact you if they can’t find the mailbox or if it is the wrong address since it’s considered a standard mailing post. Only DHL Express delivers to commercial facilities, work places, and hotels. If you don’t know who is your national postal service at your country, you able to look here. List of national postal services

Standard delivery time:

Depending on your location delivery time may vary:

Sweden 1-3 days

Europe 4-10 days

USA and Canada 7-14 days

Rest of world 14-20 days.

When choosing free standard shipping we cant guarantee the delivery time. Some of the orders on free standard shipping can get delayed and we are not taking responsibility for what is beyond our company so be aware if delivery gets delayed. Shortly, You will get your order, but sometimes it happens that it’s a bit delayed. We don’t have an estimated delivery time for the free Standard delivery option. 


Shipping all orders in 24-48 hours

DHL Express delivery time 2-6 days worldwide.

Choosing DHL Express you will get a premium and reliable shipping service and your package will be on time. You will be notified when you can pick up or choose several delivery options how to collect your item.
Free DHL Express shipping service for orders over 200€.

Once the customer choses the option DHL Express he gets a reliable service that his delivery wont be lost. If DHL Express are not able to deliver to the address provided by the customer, they will contact the customer. If  the customer doesn’t answer they will in turn contact us. The delivery will be dropped at the nearest pickup point. If the customer doesn’t pick up the delivery 7 days after we’ve contacted them, the delivery will be destroyed and we are not able to refund the customer. Its not our responsibility to track every single order. DHL Express doesn’t return the delivery to us, since we’d have to cover extra costs like shipping, customs & import. 


Shipping all orders in 24-48 hours

USPS Express delivery time 2-6 days worldwide.


In case your product(s) is not delivered due to an incorrect or invalid address, we will not be able to process any claims. However, we will notify you if it is returned to us.

Due to the geo-political situation in Europe, deliveries might be slightly delayed.

All ARK Drops orders are shipped out from our warehouse which is located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We do not cover custom/import fees. Every country has different government regulations about customs. WE can not track it, so the customer is responsible for all import cost. 

Be sure to write in the correct delivery information. If the order is sent to the wrong address, it is your responsibility to pay for a new shipping. Should there be a delay in delivery and we have not notified you, then you should contact customer service.

If your delivery has been lost, we start investigation by contacting our delivery services. We can issue a refund only when we have answer from our delivery service. It can take up to 30 business days.


We accept PayPal , Klarna, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit and Debit cards.


When picking up a package – If you see that your package is lost, damaged or has been opened, have it sent back to us and contact us immediately.

If you have any complaints about the article, such as that it was destroyed when you opened it or package was opened before you picked it, it must be notified immediately after you have discovered the error. When you want to register a complaint, contact us and be very careful to describe the problem and upload pictures of it. We confirm / reject the complaint immediately (within 24 hours). Once the process begins, investigation can take up to 90 days. 

Complaint has to be made in 7 days after item was delivered.  After that we are not able to start investigation with our currier. 


We do not refund DHL Express shipping fee if order was already sent. Only amount from our products.
We do not issue a refund in your order was more then 10items. Distribution or any other larger amount then 10 items are not able to be returned and we are not issuing a refund.
We do not refund your money if you provided for us wrong shipping address and your delivery status on tracking number says its been delivered. We do not refund full amount if address you provided was wrong and delivery was returned back to us. We take away charges that we had to pay for shipping per item. We do not refund full amount if your address was provided a commercial facility such as work place, business centre or a hotel etc. Shipping fee is 15 usd

Please contact us if you have any questions.